8 Tips

  1. Start by investing in yourself.  No pain, no gain.
  2. Learn a strategy by reading books, following courses etc.  
  3. Try to find a mentor. He or she can bring you to a higher level by sharing experience and knowledge.
  4. Start your first trades by using a simulationplatform. If you can't make profit with papertrades you never can make it "real".
  5. Forget the leverage in your first real trades.  Start very small to learn how it feels to be real in the market.  Don't forget: "Emotions are always a part of the game!"
  6. Compare trading with tennis.  The more you practise, the more changes you have to beat the market.  
  7. The market doesn't 'have to' do anything. Don't fight it, work with it.  Take your piece of the pie and move along. (quote of Sunrise trader).
  8. Let the markets/charts show you the way. Not your opinion or your thoughts. ( quote of Sunrise trader)

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