Multiple Timeframe Trading to me, is to see the connextion between several different timeframes.

I use the 3', the 60', the Daily and the Monthly. There is a mathematical reason for that.  

Every bigger frame is x 20 the smaller one.  

That means, a 60' candle is formed by 20 x 3' candles.

A daily candle is formed by about 20 x 60' candles and a monthly candle is formed by 20 tradingdays.  Knowing that the bigger frames always overrules the smaller ones gives a lot of opportunities to trade anticipated by using sma's, support and resistancelevels and supply and demandzones.

I am sorry but, you need to practise several years to feel and to understand this connection.  

No pain, no gain.

It is my mission to help you to succeed.

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