To become a good investor longer term, or a swingtrader or a daytrader, you need to study technical analysis and practising a decent strategy.  

It is my goal to help new students with that proces.

If you are willing to learn with passion and perseverance, my course is perhaps something for you.

The content of the course.


      Module 1

  •   Investment horizons
  •   Advantages and disadvantages of trading products.

       Module 2  The technical analysis of Invest-in-Vision 

  • The usefulness of simply moving averages.
  • Learning how to recognize support and resistance.
  • Commonly used patterns.
  • Suplly and demand. 

      Module 3 

  • Multiple Time Frame Trading. 
  • Moneymanagement.
  • Tradingtools.
  • Live online trading and practising in Europe and the States.
  • Support, training and coaching in my online classroom.